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Welcome to the Alt Ed Revolution!


Welcome to Alt Ed Revolution (Alternative Education Revolution)!

Does the message in the image upset you? Are you surprised to read that the inequality in schools is due to our education system basing its funding on property taxes? Are you tired of traditional forms of education that continue to fail our students year after year? Are you interested in trying an alternative approach? Do you want your child to avoid the current indoctrination occuring in schools today? Are you wondering why this is a concern? Do you want to break the cycle? Do you want your children to become lifelong learners,who are able to think critically in our ever changing world?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above you are in the right place. Together, we can break the cycle by taking control of our children's education. We can take control by participating in alternative forms of education. Homeschooling is an alternative method of education and is one of the most effective safeguards against the poor outcomes associated with participation in public education.

You have a voice and a choice!

Let's break the cycle! Our chidren deserve more than poorly performing impoverished schools, politically driven iniatives that do little to increase student achievement, endless assessments that do not give an accurate account of student learning, and overworked and underpaid teachers who are at their wits-end.

Prior to the 19th century most children were educated at home. Homeschooling is an excellent alternative to public education. There are various homeschool styles to choose from. I will discuss various methods and provide tips on how to begin educating your children.

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Dr. Hill, Homeschool Advocate

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